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 Plumber in Shingle Springs CA checks a water heater during an installation jobOur Shingle Springs plumbing contractors are the team that your neighbors call when they need help or advice with their plumbing. We're also the full service community plumbing company for the area. If you live here in Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, or Rescue, you can call us any time for all your plumbing needs. If you're in the midst of an emergency right now, as many of those who call us for the first time are, please call us immediately and let us know what your situation is.

A Shingle Springs plumber needs to have a diverse set of tools, technology and knowledge to handle all of the different situations we face in our region. We see a full range of temperature changes, from the extremely hot to freezing cold, both of which wreak havoc on a plumbing system if you're not properly prepared. If you're a homeowner here in the foothills or higher up on the slopes, you'll want to check out our change of season specials. They could save you that emergency expense down the line.

  hands in sink water picture For routine plumbing situations like repairs and installation call our offices during regular business hours and we'll make an appointment that fits your schedule. Don't worry about taking a day off or getting tied up for hours. We'll be there on time and done quickly. We even clean up our work area when we're done. Start to finish, we're typically in and out in a few hours on most standard jobs. Our Shingle Springs plumbers are some of the most efficient in the industry.

Our Shingle Springs Plumbing Contractors Rely on State of the Art Equipment

Sewer inspection camera used by our Shingle Springs CA plumbing contractorShingle Springs plumbers who work with cutting edge technology and apply techniques that are in many cases brand new and only used by a few of the other companies in the state. A Shingle Springs plumber is expected to always know the latest effective methods and carry new tools and equipment. Those are the things that save us time and save you money in a plumbing emergency. That's why we're rated as the best in the industry.

Is that the truth? Just ask any of the homeowners or commercial landlords who have done business with us before. They'll tell you that we get the job done and that we don't over-charge or try to up-sell when we do it. That's important to our customers. They want to know that they are being treated fair and that they're getting our best effort so we make sure we give it every time out.

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  • In addition to residential plumbing, we have also done commercial plumbing and worked with contractors and builders on kitchen and bathroom renovations. If you're planning on doing a little work around the house or on the house and think that plumbing will be involved, give us a call when you're in the planning stages. We install pipes, gas lines and fixtures, so it's best to consult us early in the process if you want to have as much free space as possible. Give us a call for prices and references.

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